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When Joshua is nua-ing, he literally nuas. [For the benefit of those who do not understand dialect, nua = soft and/or soggy, but is also used as a slang for lazy.]

I pushed him up to a sitting position after nursing, and he just flopped over onto his belly, as if he had no bones in his body to support himself up at all. =_=”

And then he asked to be put back to bed to lie down. Where he stayed put quietly for the longest time, literally lazing around.

I know exactly where he gets those genes from. I’ve also noticed how his nua genes are the most prominent on rainy days. How typical.

:: Click below for photos taken on 11 Nov (Saturday) ::


Being a good boy while we have dinner at Lan Zhou La Mian.

11-11-07_2044-us 11-11-07_2043-us

Parents camwhoring while Uncle Henry zips off to the loo. So as not to get tsk-tsk comments.


(At Scarlett Hotel’s BOLD:) Trying to get the attention of Uncle Henry sitting opposite of him.


Attention garnered, and obviously feeling quite pleased/entertained.


Matching father-and-son upturned nostrils to complement the atas-ness of the place.


One thought on “pictures and others

  1. where’d his hair all go???

    shell says: On the floor of the barbershop. One month ago. So in total, he’s already had his head shaved twice.

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