I feel a great need to get out. Go out for some “air”.

I still wonder about the origins of that term “going out for some air”. It’s as if people don’t breathe air until they go out to take a “breather”.

I want to go shopping. Buy some pretty things to ease myself off this crappy season. It’s an obsession/addiction with the shops and the process of surrendering money in exchange for goods.

Oh, the perils of being an unpaid homemaker.

I still have a $10 Topshop/Topman/Dorothy Perks voucher left unused. And it’s expiring on the 19th. And it suuuuuuucks to be at home due to low finances and crap weather. As if I haven’t had enough of being at home for 5 entire weekdays on end. Joshua and I don’t even stray beyond a 1km radius of our block.

Huei came over last night to borrow my spare mobile because hers fell *ahem* into the toiletbowl and is still under repair. I still find the notion very amusing. Phone, toilet. Phone, toilet. cgp

I have to stop jinxing myself by asking how on earth a mobile can end up in the toilet. Question the Universe, and your queries will be responded to by live examples. *wink*

Anyhow, I went off on a tangent. Uncle Henry now calls me OTG (Off Tangent Girl) because I just have this unrelenting knack of digressing.

I was going to say how lust Huei’s new Ebase skirt and Cotton On low V-neck tee. But ya, this month is so bad that I can’t even buy anything from Cotton On, the reputed super dirt cheap cotton clothing retail store from Australia. 😦

Huei responds with a “I don’t work my ass off for nothing” when I envy her financial independence. So does it mean that I’m not working hard enough as a housewife, or that I’m just not “working” per se, that’s why I don’t get to achieve the same set of results?

Granted, being a full-time mother is an emotionally rewarding (similarly draining) and noble “profession”, but it hardly pays the bills, does it? Let alone all the superficial materialistic needs/wants I have. It’s all about the money, baybeh. And there ain’t any here. *points to empty pockets, wallet and bank account*

I hate it when significant money-draining events all clusterfuck together. Especially those that can’t be delayed or ignored.

Well, at least I don’t have to continue hunting for new bottoms to fit my postnatal ass/hips. I have an entire wardrobe’s contents to sieve through for something I can definitely wear (but not necessarily flattering to my new body shape). That’s at least some consolation, no?

But ugh… shhhhhhopppppinggggg… *crawls on knees with one one arm outstretched, clamouring for an invisible loaded piggybank*


3 thoughts on “ranting

  1. Hey Shelly, I know what you mean…I was once a full-time mum till my sonny was 17 months old and I was pretty contented being doted by my (now ex) husband despite being broke. I convinced myself then that money was not an issue and would never be but hell, it was! Now that I am a working mother and earning reasonably good money, I feel more independent and glad that I could provide my sonny with the best material things and food I could afford even though his father had stopped paying maintenance since ages ago. Being a full-time mother is blissful if there isn’t any worries about having money to spend. Really. I am speaking from my own experience. Hope you don’t mind me sharing.

    You write really well.=) Maybe you can ask around if there is any writing jobs that you can do at home. Having that extra bit of cash in your pocket does make life a whole lot easier and may possibly lift off some load off your (and your doting hubby’s) shoulders plus you can buy all the nice clothes right off the racks without having to wait for a sale or some vouchers to land in your hands.

    shell says: I applaud single mothers. *applause* I don’t think I would ever have the tenacity to pull off the entire parenting game by my own. I’m such a spoilt brat.

    With greatest hope (and faith) in my partner, I hope there isn’t such a day when I would have to take on the daunting tasks of caring for myself and Joshua. BUT we never really know the future, so it would be really nice to at least be able to sustain my own wants/needs, so that in any unfortunate event where I am left to be the sole parent, I won’t suddenly be taking on more than I can handle.

    Thank you for the compliment on my writing abilities. Uncle Henry has been urging me for ages to send some pieces of my work to the magazine publishers, citing that I would have a chance of becoming a column writer. But, being chickenshit me, I fear the possibilities of rejection and have never plucked up the courage to do so.

  2. ermmm…when you DO land a writing job, Shelly, ask if there are any vacancies for proofreaders, will you? I wanna earn some pocket money as well..!! Hehehehehe!

    that aside, I agree with fitti. you write REALLY WELL. seriously. and I’m not saying this so that I’ll get that proofreading job when you get your writing one, LOL. if I’m some bigshot magazine editor or maybe film producer, I’d surely ask you to be one of my writers. especially if it’s a romance movie. heh heh.

    shell says: Being chickenshit me, I think the chances of you roping me into a writing job is probably higher than me getting you one. :mrgreen: I just simply lack the balls to approach publishers with my pieces in hope that they would hire me.

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