stealing away

We caught “Beowulf” at 2.40am. After Boy has safely entered Dreamland.

As Uncle Henry likes to call us, we’re “new-age parents”. And we are not afraid to leave our tiny bub at home to sleep while we go out and gallivant.

I would say that we were forced by circumstances to start adopting this sort of practice where we would steal time away to feed our couplehood bonding. That’s the downside of living alone without parents and/or domestic help, but everything is a-okay, and Boy has never had to suffer the consequences of both parents bailing out of the parenting game together.

Each time we return from our time together, we find him still sleeping soundly, none the wiser about how there was only him and Cinders at home for those few hours.

Despite our practice being such a success, I really don’t recommend it to other parents. Unless their child is as sound a sleeper as Joshua is.

In case you’re all too keen to point accusing fingers to us, let me first say that we always wait at least an hour or two to make sure that Boy is truly sound asleep. From what we have noticed, if he would wake from bad dreams, it would always happen within an hour of him falling asleep.

Which makes a lot of psychological sense, but I’m not going to bothering googling for that online article now.

Apparently if you have had any bad experiences in the day that would create nightmares, it would start the moment you enter REM sleep. Which for Joshua, happens almost immediately. So he would always be up and screaming within minutes of falling asleep.

I am also assuming, after slightly more than five months of being a stay-home mom, that I have been providing a safe and secure environment for him to spend his waking hours in. Thus vanquishing any chances of recurrent nightmares. Lunar 7th month not withstanding, of course.

In any case, I enjoyed dressing up with Hubs to the nines, just to watch a movie that I’ve been dying to catch. I would think we were the best dressed couple in the entire Cineleisure at 4am in the morning.

I was looking hawt in my black denim mini, black tube top and GAP fitted denim jacket. With skanky-ho boots, naturally. snigger

Final note: Beowulf is uber HOT. I only wish they didn’t strategically cover his man-bits during the nude scenes. I would kill to see his digitally drawn penis! *slurps*

You can take the mommy out of the slut, but you just can’t take the slut out of the mommy! :mrgreen:


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