I was feeling sleepy the moment we got home. Even more so when we put Joshua to bed. But the sleepybug completely left me when Hubs Googled on these online business/jobs and told me that they were both scams.

With a lot of effort, time and luck, you could probably make some money. But it’s not what I was looking or hoping for. So thus, bye bye online money generator.

I think I might be doing that stress burping thing quite a bit for the next few days. It already started on its own accord about a week ago, and I don’t think it’ll go away just yet.

I only realised that I left the $10 voucher at home after we got onto the cab, which means that being the cheapo zero-income me, I wouldn’t be buying anything. 😦 Stupid stupid blur cock me.

Now I’ll have to make another trip to town tomorrow so that I can buy that pair of blue-grey denims from Dorothy Perkins. (I think I’ve sort of made up my mind about getting it.)

We popped by Wisma’s Cotton On Body and now there’s more stuff on my shopping list that I want to get. Hubs offered me a $20 budget (yes, we are that tight this month) but somehow I just didn’t take it up. 😕

I swore to him that I would mindlessly “whack” the shopping at Cotton On next month. Or the month after. Or maybe the month after. Well, somewhere down the road at least. But currently, not a foreseeable near future. 😐

And oh, life has been uneasingly quiet without my music. We had to unplug the hi-fi because there’s no longer a piano for me to place it on.

I need to get my music machine up and running again before I start to feel the silent dread of daily domestic life.


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