count the double chins!

I am sleepless again. Current time: 3.15am. Damn I am bad at handling stress. 😦

Without the radio as my companion, I can only set iTunes to shuffle mode and see what fate hands out to my ears.

So far it’s been dishing out cheery tunes and those that hold happy memories. I think my iTunes has psychic powers.

Pictures pictures! *click click click*

MamaShell and BabyJosh at NYDC Heeren:


“Can we take some pictures together?”

18-11-07_2157 18-11-07_2155 18-11-07_2154

*click click click* (But actually my phonecam doesn’t make a noise at all. :mrgreen: )


The only decent one of the lot with him smiling. BUT he had to fidget around excitedly, causing that detestable blur on his silhouette. =_=”

18-11-07_cute mom and J

MamaShell: “You better give me a good shot, or I’ll bite your head off!”
Boy shakes head vigorously: “Mommy, please don’t eat me!”

And thus the blurry head. =_=””

18-11-07_kiss mom

BabyJosh: “Oh mommy, don’t be mad. I kiss you okay?”

But honestly, I am still mad lah, ok?! No decent shots with me at all! Hmmph.

Joshua’s double chin legacy:

15-11-07_J wide grin

Happy baby!! 🙂

15-11-07_2208 15-11-07_2207 15-11-07_2206

In all the most unflattering angles. Hahaha! More blackmail paraphernalia! snigger

15-11-07_box you

“This bunch of pictures better be nice. Or else I’ll box you! Just joking, mommy! See my smile??”

I am not amused.

Well, maybe just a wee bit. :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “count the double chins!

  1. I heart his double chin!!!

    after my exams we shall meet up again okie!!

    miss josh.. and hot mama!

    shell says: I bet if the double chin was yours, you wouldn’t heart it as much. :mrgreen:

    When your exams are over, let me know again lah.

  2. wow! Finally a smiley shot of joshness! Schoooo cuuuute!

    shell says: That’s more than one smiley shot! Although most are not very flattering. hahaha.

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