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After playing Jam Sessions on Glossy Black, I’ve decided to take up learning the guitar.

I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar because it’s like music on the go. You can bring it out and basically strum it anywhere. You just can’t do that with a piano. Don’t talk to me about synthesizers, ok?

In actuality, I already know how to play more than one musical instrument. In my lower secondary school years, I was playing percussion in my school’s concert band, and was trained with the xylophone (both wooden and metal ones), bell chimes, a bit of the timpani and some drums. But since keyboard instruments are basically quite similar, I never felt that I mastered more than one basic instrument.

I had joined the band in hope of picking up a new musical skill, but I just couldn’t produce a single peep on the wind instruments for the life of me. I guess I have tiny lungs. So my hopes of becoming a saxophone player had been dashed for life. Not enough air, how to blow?! Tsk.

It has been, and probably forever will be, a tiny regret in my life on earth.

So now I am going to challenge the guitar. No, not the famous Guitar Freaks game on the PS3. A real guitar.

I guess I just have to have a musical instrument at home for me to tinkle with, else I feel weird.

What I realise about myself is that I constantly need to have a connection with music. I feel completely uneasy and out of place when I lose my music. (Thus my constant whining about the hi-fi that can’t be used.)

iTunes has been working overtime since the hi-fi has gone into storage. We seriously need to get a table or something for me to place my hi-fi on. (Please don’t suggest for me to place it on the floor. It’ll attract Cinders to destroy it and, not to mention, speakers directed onto the floor never make for satisfactory audio pleasure.)

Hubs is going to search his parents’ shophouse for his cousin’s old guitar so that I can start with something I can potentially destroy. Although I seriously doubt that the elusive long abandoned thing can be found.

I have my hesitations about ruining my nails and superficial stuff like that, those that my guitar-playing friends always scare me about, but heck, I am going to give it a shot anyway.

Uncle Henry always warns me about “casting my fear away”. Fear holds you back and hinders your learning/growing path. So let this be my first attempt at squelching those insecurities and waffles (not the food).

Should the abandoned guitar not be found, does anyone have any lobangs for second-hand acoustic guitars?


4 thoughts on “music freak

  1. Whoa we really are alike. I missed playing my piano so much I bought a guitar to strum on. But my guitar has been collecting dust for months… will be starting lessons next mth. 🙂

    I got my Yamaha acoustic pretty cheap. Think it was RM320 or something like that.

    shell says: Woah. Freaky shit leh. Maybe I can join you for guitar lessons! But you’re not taking beginner classes anymore right?

    How come your guitar was bought in M’sia? Is it cheaper there?

  2. haha i have a guitar i’ll sell you cheap? bought during anglican days too, but interest died and ive never played. except you gotta live with half a thousand neoprints i stuck on the back tho

    shell says: Wah! Half a thousand?! (Ok, I know you’re exaggerating.) If there was a way to remove them, I guess I don’t mind…

  3. Ya why not? I wanna start beginner’s lessons.. cos I can only strum a few chords. 😦

    Got it in malaysia cos that’s when my inspiration hit (was back in Penang for holiday), so I straight away went out to buy a guitar.

    shell says: I checked Yamaha’s website and I think it IS cheaper to buy from M’sia. The cheapest guitar listed is already S$200+…

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