down and ups

I am suffering two severe conditions: chronic tonsillitis and a bladder infection.

Severe, huh?

The cramping from the bladder infection hit me so sudden and so hard on Wednesday night that I had to bail out of my late night shopping trip at Mustafa with Huei. An hour into our “exploration”, I kinda turned green in the face and told her I had to go home. Sorry, babe. 😦

Joshua’s got himself a walker, and he really enjoys being able to sit in it unsupported, even though his feet can’t even touch the ground due to his short legs. I guess we all enjoy independence from a young age.

We didn’t have any intentions of getting him anything new, but PapaNash brought him up to Kiddy Palace while Huei and I walked the shops after dinner at Marina Sqaure, and apparently the boy was so happy in this one particular walker (and another high chair), that we just had to buy it for him.

PapaNash took some pictures of the super smiley happy boy at the shop, but because his mobile has got no bluetooth or USB function, I am finding it hard to upload them to the computer. 😦

Oh, the boy’s smiley pic replaced mine as PapaNash’s mobile wallpaper. Bloody hell, I feel seconded. snigger

Despite my “crippling” condition, I am feeling very happy today. I bailed out of school (with a legit MC, of course) but Hubs drove me there so that I could submit my MC to the lecturer and also to get my project synopsis approved. Lecturer was uber nice about it and even gave some pointers about Hubs wanting to become an educator.

Then I had Popeye’s at the airport. And a McCafe’s mochaccino from East Coast. Comfort food always erm… comforts me. πŸ™‚

An off-shift McCafe staff recognised me as a former regular at the joint, and we made small talk while I waited for my takeaway coffee. He said I’m addicted to mochaccino. I think so too. :mrgreen:

Now, give me plenty of hugs, people! I have chronic tonsillitis and a bladder infection!! (They’re not contagious.) Gimme more love!!!!!


3 thoughts on “down and ups

  1. aWWWW!!! So ARE you feeling better today? BTW I’ve tagged you. Check out my blog.

    shell says: Yes, I saw it. I’ve got tagged twicefor this same meme!! πŸ˜†

    I get it done during the boring weekdays, ok?

  2. hey babe, you feeling alright? I just came back from China and found out that you are ill. Rest well and see you soon.. *hugs*

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