Please do me a favour and take the time to read (and reply) the following questions for me. I am in a bit of a limbo state of my life right now and suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚


1. Uncle Henry advises me to compile my “best works” on parenting/life/observations (basically the stuff that’s categorised under “Reality Retrospect”) and send them off to some magazine publisher, in hope that they would like my writing style and employ me as part-time/freelance writer (column or otherwise). Should I?

2. After going to the airport for Popeye’s (realising that it’s been two years since I last took a plane) and seeing other people’s shopping gains in foreign lands (as proudly displayed on their blogs), I am wondering… Should I stop shopping for 3 to 5 months, including the usually fantastic annual post-Christmas sales, and save up for a no-holds-barred shopping trip to Hong Kong or Bangkok?


3. Should I attempt to lose more weight?! Even though I can now fit into every single item in my wardrobe slightly better than before, every superficial girl (or woman) dreams of being more slim and svelte. The pursuit of perfection, albeit superficial, is a tiresome lifelong journey…

Problem is, if I should go on to lose anything more than 2 inches all round, I would probably have to throw out at least half my current wardrobe. Hubs would then need to pay a hefty price to replenish my wardrobe back to its horrendously overfilled glory.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I need that many clothes in rotation on a permanent basis. I am a vainpot who needs packaging to boost her own self-esteem. πŸ˜†


4. Where can I get decent guitar lessons that don’t stretch over an extended period of time?

Yamaha’s guitar course spans over 6 bloody months and because it’s one hour per lesson per week. And that sucks big time. Crash courses are sort of what I’m looking for. :mrgreen:


10 thoughts on “questions!

  1. 1) hmm… i think u shld try.. i mean.. they seems pretty good to me.. and u nv noe what might happens.. worse come to worse.. they no reply nia.. if u got the job.. uwill be able to earn ur own shopping money!!!

    2) if Q1 becomes a reality, u don have to stop shopping for so long! and.. i think stop shopping for 3-5 mths for an overseas trip is worth it! i mean.. i’ve been trying to stop shopping for 2 mths for my upcoming shopping trips! maybe occasionally can buy a small item or 2.. but say.. limit to max $50 per mth..

    shell says: Agreed! But $50/mth is really very little leh… πŸ˜†

  2. 1. Yes, no harm to try.
    2. Yes.
    3. Er yes if Hub has extra to spend on that.
    4. I don’t know.

    shell says: Hahaha. I usually shop anyways, so I don’t think there’ll be much issue with Hubs having extra. But I might just get frustrated during the process of compiling my new smaller size wardrobe because I don’t have enough clothes in rotation…

    I still owe you that video of Joshua flipping over, even though I’ve recorded it weeks ago. Because youtube won’t let me upload it lah!!

  3. Okay, I only have a response to Question 1.

    Go for it, but bear the following in mind:

    1. Prepare yourself for rejection. I mean, I love your writing, but bear in mind that the market is saturated with writers/journalists. So there WILL be be a fair bit of competition.

    2. You could try sending your pieces as a collection of stories, to a book publisher. Only problem is that aside from Point 1, is that there isn’t much money in books unless it is a bestseller of some description.

    Sorry babe, don’t mean to sound negative, but just preparing you for what may lie ahead.

    shell says: I understand where you’re coming from. And honestly, that is my concern, which is why I’m even asking for suggestions. Given, it’ll at worst just be a no response from the publishers, but still, I just wonder if I should even bother.

  4. $50/mth is very little.. but think far.. think of the unlimited shopping in HK!!!!

    shell says: Unlimited budget, yes. Unlimited shopping, no. Because being the size that I am, actually quite some of the clothes I can’t fit into well…

  5. Hi, I hope I am not being kpo but hor, I was a broke SAHM before so I understand where you are coming from….

    (1) YES! YES! YES! You should give it a try. My pal who has a blog had journalist approaching her for interviews and she was asked to write for a magazine as well. The latter she turned down since she wants to concentrate on her 2 girls (she can well afford to do so) but she did go for the interview. I told her to keep the opportunity opened in case she wants to try out writing (she was an English teacher for a while before that).

    (2) Yes! Taking a short break is always rejuvenating so yes, if you can, save up as much as you can and then go shopping elsewhere. =) For a start, BKK is not bad. Next time can aim for Japan….hehehe….

    (3) Yes! If you feel that losing some weight will make you feel better about yourself, go ahead. Having people to love us is not enough, we have to love ourselves first.

    (4) Yes, check out the nearest CC near your place OR get a friend who knows how to play the guitar well to teach you. =))

    Yes yes, I am very the lorsor but I am pro-positive-thinking 1….=))))

  6. Like I said babe, go for it – just don’t do it with lofty dreams in your head, less you get disappointed.

    In the worst case scenario, its no loss on your part – it’s not like you’re risking a thing by giving it a shot. The only thing you’d risk losing is money on postage. That’s it.

    So give it a shot πŸ˜€

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