X’mas wishlist (for the heck of it)

Inspired by Pamela, I am going to list the (achievable) items I want for Christmas:

A pair of skinny jeans in grey/red. So that I can wear them tucked into my skanky-ho boots.

DS Browser for Nintendo DS Lite Received as installment 2 from Hubs! 

– A good Christmas feast with honey baked ham, logcake and the works.

– Something to start off my guitar hobby like the Fender Squier acoustic value pack.

Shopping vouchers from department stores.

Dr Martens’ Mods Laser Cut Boots, in color “Shark Outrageous”.

Mint Chocolate Baileys Irish Cream. I love Baileys but I’ve never ever tried their mint or caramel variants. So suakoo! Lovely huei bought a set of mint and caramel Baileys for me!

iPod nano (Gen 3) in red. Or whatever other color as long as it’s a new iPod that works. 😦 Beggars can’t be choosers.

To cash in on all the unfulfilled promises I received. (My dad still owes me that trip to the zoo he promised my brother and I 10 years ago.)

Jay Chou’s concert tickets!! Which are ALL sold out already. 😥 I’ve never been to a concert before, okay? And I buy every single album that he’s ever made. (With the exception of the latest one cos I haven’t gotten round to it.) Speaking of which…

Jay Chou’s latest album. Not that this can make up for the fact that I’ll miss out on (yet another one) of his concerts.


It would come as no surprise if this Christmas is yet another blah one, with seemingly I’m-passing-it-to-you-because-someone-else-gave-this-crap-to-me presents from the usual annual mandatory X’mas “party” at my godsister’s.

My mother was probably the only person in this world who would put in effort to search for the perfect gift and package it up nicely as a surprise, just so that she could see your elated expression upon unwrapping her carefully planned gift. And since she’s been gone since April 2004, that’s about how long I last had a decent present.

Somehow my life is filled with convenient excuses, disinterest, bad planning and lack of wrapping paper. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how much it is lacking excitement and surprises. And hey, who doesn’t like pleasant surprises? 🙂


2 thoughts on “X’mas wishlist (for the heck of it)

  1. oh… ok… thought i’d offer that up… hehehehe

    anyway, its a special christmas – first one with the little one in your life…

    shell says: Yes. 🙂 And I’m going to create a X’mas wishlist for him too! So the nice people who love him will know what to get for him.

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