random funnies

Sunshin3 and I were highly amused when we went shopping for baby food at Mustafa with the greedy Joshua. The boy kicked around excitedly in his pram, with arms outstretched reaching for a “big” bottle (actually only 113grams, but definitely bigger than his usual 71grams size bottle) of Gerber pureed carrots and his mouth and eyes wide open.

It was ultra funny how excited he was over a bottle of carrots (his favourite). He cuddled all the baby food we placed in his pram and conveniently kicked my packet of Doritos til it almost fell out of the pram. =_=” Sunshin3 had to pick it up and hold it instead.

It was a pity we didn’t manage to capture the expression he had on, but it was so fleeting and we were both caught unawares. Pity!!!! But it was darn cute lah. :mrgreen:

Maybe I’ll ready the cam next time when we shop for baby food again.


Me: “My brain is all crapped up and lousy. I need a new one.”

Hubs: “Hmmm. Lemme go see if Mustafa sells that. Then we’ll get you a new one.”



Me: “Ahhhh… My bed is so comfy…”

Hubs: “Eh? What a coincidence! My bed is also very comfy!”

Double =_=”.


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