stupid and smart at the same time

Hubs let slip that he was going to buy me an iPod nano as another installment of my Christmas presents. And boy, was I happy!

But I told him to please not buy it for me.

I felt (and am still feeling) stupid. ๐Ÿ˜• You must be wondering why I asked him not to buy it, when the item is blatantly stated on my X’mas wishlist.

Well, logically speaking, I don’t get much chance to enjoy my music on the go anymore, save for the once a week trip to school and back. Which makes up about an hour in an entire 7-day week. Other than that, I hardly have any chance to use my current dying (and also ancient) iPod mini, unless I intend to be anti-social and block out the husband and child by plugging in to music when out with them.

Also, despite having the wonderful photo and video function, I really don’t think I would be using it at all. Photos have been (and probably will always be) displayed in my mobile phone so that I may swoon over my cute offspring each time I flip the phone open. As for videos, I really don’t think I would purposely compressed videos files into the suitable format and then transfer it into the iPod, so that would probably not be utilised as well.

So seriously (and smartly) speaking, an iPod nano really does nothing for me except strictly as a music player.

But of course, logic aside, an iPod nano Gen3 will always be on my lust list for it’s sleek design and ultra tiny size. I absolutely adore the functions on an iPod and with the Gen3 being smaller than ever, with a color screen and all, it is really hard to not drool over it.

I told Hubs that I would still want a new mp3 player, but there’s no need for it to be an iPod. It’s too expensive (despite this new generation being much cheaper than previous gens) and I’m not going to fully exploit its functions.

I asked for a player that is a minimum of 4GB, Mac-compatible, and with an equalizer function and a screen. That’s all. And I’m sure being the Google-King he is, he would be able to find a product that would suit my needs (and his budget). That aside, I did tell him that if he had plenty of cash to spare, I would definitely get a nano. Apple players work so well with Apple computers that if given a choice (and a healthy budget) I really wouldn’t want to even bother with the other brand players.

So that’s the insight of today. You can apparently feel smart and stupid all at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜

Damn. I must have been “upgraded” and never even realised it. From Shelly Version 1.0 (ultra bitchy, whiny, stubborn) to Version 1.1 (occasionally bitchy, mid-range whiny, slightly negotiable) to the current Version 1.2 (bitchy only when necessary, hardly whiny, mostly negotiable). I have grown up! ๐Ÿ˜†


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