there is a time for everything

And apparently now is not the time.

For the past few days, close girlfriends have been hearing me whine about all sorts of symptoms seemingly pregnancy related. I’ve gained a huge appetite, been suffering sore calves, nausea, tiredness and even felt faint while doing my makeup in the walk-in wardrobe (something I suffered from constantly when carrying Joshua). And of course, the period that is always so punctual decided to not be on time anymore.

You’d think that three negative urine test results would be able to set the record straight once and for all, coupled with the fact that we’ve been practising safe sex, but Hubs and I decided to adopt the “pregnant until otherwise proven by solid evidence” approach.

I was exempted from doing heavy chores, and generally ordered to rest as much as necessary. I was almost waited on by the ever-loving Hubs and the independent Joshua didn’t give me much problems.

I asked Hubs if he would feel cheated in any way if it turned out that I wasn’t pregnant, and he said no, because I looked tired most of the time regardless of how much I slept. That I probably really just need to take a “time out” anyway.

But the monthly curse just paid me a visit. At 4am in the morning. So yeah, no baby number 2 yet.

To say that I’m not disappointed would be untruthful, because I am. Hubs even told me just hours ago that he “feels” I’m pregnant. I’m not devastated by any means, but having a baby is always a joyous thing, especially when I am in a relatively stable marriage with a decent enough financial situation (despite not being able to even apply for credit cards). Not to mention that both of us are really looking forward to having another little one. Our parents are also similarly supportive of us having more kids, even if it was to come right now.

When I told my mom-in-law and my dad about my strangely late period, both of them expressed their concerns about me being able to cope with two little bubs on my own, but reassured me that they would help out any way they could.

Amusingly, my MIL told me that if I was not pregnant, I probably should go on contraceptives immediately, as she feels that having the next kid two years later would be easier on me as the main caregiver. She suggested for me to get an IUD and even offered to pay for it as she knows that it is not cheap. I am definitely liking my MIL more as she slowly starts to treat me better. It is her birthday today and I am going to make mee sua for her as a symbol of my appreciation. :mrgreen:
So later in the morning, I am going down to the doc’s to get myself some contraceptive pills.

I understand the complications it might bring to my breastfeeding situation, but Joshua is quickly losing interest in milk, preferring food instead. Worse come to worse, we’ll put him on formula or I could always stop the pills after one cycle. It would be so much more trouble (and expensive) if he rejects formula milk and I would need to remove a newly inserted IUD.

So there. No number 2. Yet. :mrgreen: And my home is in a mess from my lack of doing chores.

Anyway, Hubs says he’d like to get a family car first before we attempt for another kid. He wants to make our life easier first. 🙂 How sweet. heart I think a car would definitely come in useful when I start having all sorts of food cravings at weird hours of the night. Hee hee. :mrgreen:


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