feel good times

  • Cleanly waxed and wearing a well-fitted thong.
  • Being whispered to in my ear. The topic of interest being something of a sensual/loving/cheeky nature.
  • Rockin’ my chosen attire of the day.
  • Having my food cravings satisfied.
  • Retail therapy. Particularly when it comes to buying clothes, bags and techno-shite.
  • Appearing to have a flat tummy, when in reality, it’s far from that. :mrgreen:
  • Staying in with videos and cuddles on cold rainy days.
  • Seeing BabyJ’s smile/laughter.
  • Wasabi potato chips with a funny sitcom on telly.
  • Having engaging coffee chats with close friends.
  • Hubs’ classic “I love you, you know?” with an innocent inquisitive face.
  • Knowing that no matter what happens, I will always have someone there for me. Friends, Hubs, my dad or maybe even Josh in future.

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