I think it’s very redundant that my MIL bought me two cans of pacific clams for me, when all I did was to fix up a bowl of birthday mee sua for her on the 5th.

When I probed her about why she bought it for me, she said it’s because the minimart doesn’t always sell it, and since they were, she just bought it for me lor. =_=”

Hubs says she just refuses to admit that she bought it for me out of love. Hiak hiak. snigger

And at the rate she kept telling Joshua that she “吃完了你妈咪的爱心 mee sua”, it’s hard to believe I didn’t just won myself some brownie points. :mrgreen:


I slept the whole Thursday away. And Joshua cooperated and slept in as well. I think I might have overstuffed him with a heavy lunch AND dinner on Wednesday.

But well, at least my menstrual cramps and ebbed off from all the ample rest. And oh, I skipped school. 😛


KKH’s A&E department SUCKS.


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