rich baby

The second installment of Joshua’s baby bonus came in. He is rich!!

He bought for himself a new Thermos flask to hold the hot water for his cereals, and a 1.2 litres slow cooker to cook his porridge. Hiak hiak.

Actually that could constitute as misappropriation of funds, since he didn’t really consent to it. But we did tell him and he was good with it.

Now MamaShell has to start cooking baby porridge for Boy.

Oh, and the rich baby has been making raspberries at everyone. Literally pfffffffffft, splashing saliva at everyone. He was the life of the party at Charlotte’s full month celebration, where the other 6-month old baby girl present there was fussing almost the whole time. Everyone said Joshua is such a cute, happy and friendly baby. No one minded the flying saliva from the raspberries at all. Pfffffffffffft!

And he tickled everyone who cradled him. By scratching them near the waist. hahaha.

Somehow it looks like there’s a pregnancy craze going on. Another couple from Hubs’ circle of friends are expecting. Everyone eligible is pregnant or new parents. It’s scary. I saw soooooooo many preggies on the streets, it’s unbelievable. 肯定是在吹怀孕风。Even those who aren’t “supposed” to be pregnant got pregnant. Everyone better use double triple protection if you’re not ready for kids!! Tis the season to be preggy!! Fa la la la la.


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