when in doubt, sleep in.

This has been such an uber bad day. I am not joking.

Today, I decided to embark on my virgin attempt of making baby porridge. Bright and early I went downstairs to get minced pork, carrot and potato (yes, singular). I slow-cookered it for 4 hours. I swear it tastes just fine, but Joshua spat every mouthful out and laughed. He even made raspberries and pffffffffft the porridge in his mouth all over the place.

Then I had intended to head to Plaza Singapura to run some errands in the afternoon.
After Joshua’s lunch of Gerber baby food (because he refused my lovingly made pureed porridge), I told him we were going out. I changed, put on my contacts and concealer, came out and FOUND HIM ASLEEP. IN TEN MINUTES FLAT. ON THE MATTRESS ON THE FLOOR.

And then it started to pour.

Okay, so I scrapped the plans and stayed in.

I saw an SGspree for lovely replica bags. I asked Hubs for the go-ahead even though they were around USD100 each. I was expecting a no, but I got a YES. So I clicked the bloody link in my Bloglines RSS feed to the actual post and guess what? “ERROR. POST NOT FOUND.”

Fuuuuuuuuuck loooooooor!!!!!!! By then I was already super upset already. First time Hubs agreed to let me buy an expensive bag and KNN this kind of shit happens. FUCK THE PERSON WHO GAVE ME FALSE HOPE BY CREATING THE SPREE THEN DELETING IT.

Boy woke up at 5.30, so I gave him milk and prepared him to go out.

He started fussing the moment we got into the mall, which is really REALLY rare. It was crowded and noisy and all the various stores were blasting different Christmas jingles at competing volumes. I think all that racket must have irritated his little ears and he kicked up a fuss constantly.

We bought a PlaySkool toy and he demanded I open it right away. So I ripped the fucking anal packaging (why the fuck are toys always packaged in so many layers with sticky tape, wires, cardboards and plastic?!) and hurt my fingers doing it.

After that he still fussed.

Tried to sit down for my dinner, but everywhere was crowded and very very noisy. So I thought of eating at Cafe Cartel’s pretty empty al fresco area. I asked for a table and was told there were NONE. Why??? BECAUSE THE TABLES WERE WET. =_=”

FUckity fuck fuck fuck.

So we went home.

Errands not done. Stuff not bought. Dinner not eaten.

My fave chicken rice stall was closed by the time we got home at 8.30pm. An attempt to patronise the newly opened “Taiwan Chicken Chop” stall proved futile cos it was going to be a long wait (some fat chick ordered 4 servings and the food is only prepared when ordered). A definite no go with a fussy baby.

Yes. It’s a bad bad day. 😦

I should have just slept the rainy day away.


One thought on “when in doubt, sleep in.

  1. i would suggest doing just one food at a time mixed with the riceporridge. try carrots first. for a few feeds. than try a different ingredient and so on.

    in case of allergies. if you mixed 3 foods together and he gets an allergic reaction, you won’t know what was the cause.

    he will be demanding more of your cooking soon enough. don’t worry!

    shell says: Not worried, just pissed off. :mrgreen:

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