Your hair is so long now!

It seems as if everyone has picked to tell me the above statement today.

1. Barffie, in her lovely white gown and red sash, hair done up beautifully. 🙂

2. Sassyjan, in her slurp-licious cleavage baring black top.

3. nadnut, with her funky red highlights (I like!).

4. fionana, when we popped by her place to “view” her new man specimen.

5. GGYY, over MSN after seeing my latest display pic (aka avatar).

And this is excluding Rachel’s similar exclamation when I visited her at the hospital on Thursday.

Suddenly everyone JUST realised how long my hair has grown huh?? It almost makes it seem like my hair just grew exponentially overnight. =_=”


One thought on “Your hair is so long now!

  1. You look so nice! I almost couldn’t recognize the dress.

    Is it ok if I linked the picture?

    Hwee Yee (Goblin Market person)

    shell says: Sure! You can use the pic if you don’t mind my fat pits. 😆

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