Joshua’s 101 sleep stances – Part 1

This boy fell asleep in the baby pouch/sling after we brought him to the doctor’s for his vaccination, and it was so funny how his head was rolling around forward that we had to document it.

21-12-07_supporting the head

I had to keep my heads around his neck to prevent him from falling forward and possibly falling out of the pouch.


To demonstrate how flimsy the situation (and his neck) was…

His head was literally lunging forward! I had to leave my hand there to keep it up. Kudos to him for being to even fall asleep sitting cross-legged in the pouch.


He woke briefly for just a few seconds before falling back asleep again. The next time he woke again was after we got out of the lift on our level, and we caught that on video. He’s got this knack of always waking up when we get to our doorstep.

We couldn’t stop laughing at how amusing it all was! 😆


7 thoughts on “Joshua’s 101 sleep stances – Part 1

  1. I spy something in the left corner !!!! hahah, you never blog that I gibe Josh & you pressies, only that your huhband gibe!!! *pout*

    shell says: What thing in the left corner?! The bag you gave me huh? :mrgreen:

    I’m going to compile all the gifts friends gave to us altogether in one post mah…

  2. Hi Shelly! Hey u’ve lost quite abit of weight eh? Ur face has gotten alot sharper than I last “saw” u… looking good!

    shell says: No leh! I didn’t lose ANY weight. In fact, I’ve gained a extra 2kg dunno from where! And the tummy area is still as flabby and saggy as before. 😦

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