Boxing Day!

I am going to virtually “box” Viscion Media Group on this Boxing Day, for their terrible service to subscribers.

On 18th October, I subscribed online via their promotion with fashionfastforward, and had received NO WORD from them. None regarding my accepted subscription (even though the money had already been paid online via credit card). None regarding when my first issue would arrive. NADA.

On 26 October, I mailed them for the first time.

SUBJECT: Delivery status
DATE: 26 October 2007


Please advise on the approximate delivery date of my first magazine. Also, which month’s issue it would be, as I would like to purchase the current issue available in the stores.

For your information, my subscription was made on 18th October.

Thank you. I look forward to receiving your response.

Shelly Sim

There was no response. AT ALL.

So I mailed them again.

SUBJECT: Magazine not received
DATE: 11 November 2007


I had subscribed to your magazine on 18th Oct online via the F3 promotion, but have yet to receive my November Issue.

Please kindly advise on my subscription and delivery status.

I look forward to your response. Thank you.

Shelly Sim

Then ONE WHOLE WEEK LATER, I got an email from Mr Holman Chin responding to the first email I sent. Wow. So much for efficiency in the age of technology.

And his response to me?

Your issue will be the December issue.

Yes. THAT WAS ALL. To all the questions I asked, that was all the response I got.

Fantastic service, isn’t it?

Subscribers commit an amount of money prior to receiving ANYTHING and with Viscion, they’re not even treated with the due respect that customers should get.

On 26th November, I still had not received my magazine. The Smitten Society card did finally arrive though, but not like it served any purpose without the magazine’s listing of participating sale merchants.

So I called up the office, since their response via email is TERRIBLE.

One saving grace for them was the fact that their receptionist girl was friendly and apologetic (which probably spells out that it’s the upper management that’s fucked up), and she quickly checked the delivery status for the December issues for me.

Well, apparently the magazines have ALL been mailed out to the subscribers, and I received jack. So she said she would ask her courier fella to send my copy to me ASAP and I would get it at my doorstep within 2 days.

All went well and I got my copy. Finally. And I just barely made it for their best selling point of “Smitten Shopping Week”.

So, today is the 26th of December. And my January issue isn’t here yet. I’m not even going to bother emailing them because if my previous experience has taught me anything, it’s the fact that they SUCK at replying emails.

I’ve called them THRICE today, and no one picked up the phone. Holiday mood maybe?

Despite the magazine being a fantastic one dedicated to the joys of shopping, they seriously need to work on their customer service. Like, SERIOUSLY.

No prizes for guessing that I am going to screw them up big time over the phone. Once anyone even picks up the phone. 😕


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