Last batch of 2007

[As told from Joshua’s point of view.]

RIMG0025-baby/daddy love

I love my Daddy. I like to lie on his chest and be his little baby.


Uh oh. I see Mommy looking at me. I think she’s going to tell me not to stick too close to dirty Daddy again. But I really like sticking to Daddy!!! *grabs on to Daddy tight*


Eh, look! Cartoons!! :mrgreen:


I think if I just keep an arm on Daddy while I watch telly, Mommy won’t pull me away…


At Uncle Isaac’s X’mas house party:


I just had shepherd’s pie and I’m feeling high from the potato starch rush!! Yippee!!


Do you want to kiss my pouty fish lips??? :mrgreen: My mouth is red because there was pepper in the pie. But I like it!


Mommy says I can’t have any more shepherd’s pie. Now I’m sad. I’m going to give her an ugly photo by showing her my pissed off face.


4 thoughts on “Last batch of 2007

  1. too cuteeeee! 😀

    nice captions =P

    aiya.. i want baby brother again.. my siblings are all grown up now…

    shell says: Maybe you can have a baby instead? Cos I don’t think your mother would be making anymore babies… :mrgreen:

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