Joshua is 7 mths old today.

Time seems to have flown by without us realising it. Even Hubs often comment that the time seems to fly. I guess that’s what happens when you see your child growing at an exponential rate right in front of your eyes.

It seems just like last week when he was expelled from my womb forcibly after he refused to cooperate. Now, he’s already 7 months old.

04-06-07_Naked Josh being weighed

Very soon, he will be tackling the developmental milestones of being able to sit himself up from lying down, to crawling, to standing on his own, then walking.

What we’re really looking forward to is when Joshua can express himself through words. It’ll be a hoot!

I can’t wait. Neither can PapaNash.

On a different note, it is getting more taxing to care for the Boy now. He rips off the sticky tab of his diaper, seconds after you have just changed him. Rompers are now a MUST to prevent him from removing his own diaper.

However, this new skill does come in useful when you want to remove his dirty diaper. He can partially remove the diaper on his own. :mrgreen: Other than that, it gets fairly frustrating when you stick the tab on, only to have it remove it when you’re sticking on the other side. πŸ˜•

He seems to be teething recently, wanting to ease teethers to the right side of his mouth to chew on. But so far, we see no white peeking out of his pink gums. But we don’t really care.

Recently he’s been waking up in his nighttime sleep, wailing and seemingly disturbed by something. But all it takes to ease him is to tuck him back under the blankie, rub his head a little, and to assure him that everything’s going to be alright. And he sucks on his binkie and closes his pretty eyes to settle back to sleep again.

I am glad that I’ve been doing a decent job for the past seven months.

I have raised a baby boy who is brave in his own right, dares pursue his curiosity by exploring, independent, self-assured, loving and generally very happy.

I am very proud of my boy, and similarly also very proud of myself (at the moment). How can I forget to give thanks and acknowledgement to my Hubs as well, for being such a good pillar of support to me and a good father to Joshua. He’s not the most affectionate father around, but he does a really good job of disciplining the boy.

What can I say? I’ve been pretty blessed for the past seven months. And I can only foresee more good coming for the rest of the year.

Happy 2008, people. May your year be filled with happiness, health and wealth. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Joshua is 7 mths old today.

  1. Ah they ALWAYS do that diaper thing. The trick for us were 2 things.

    1. Get diapers like mamy poko that are REASEALABLE.

    2. Wear the diapers BACKWARDS.

    πŸ™‚ They’ll find it unappealing after a while and by that time, u can start potty training already haha

    shell says: Luckily Huggies Dry Comfort is resealable too. Damn resealable also. Can stick and unstick for a dozen times and it still works. πŸ˜†

    I didn’t know they would find wearing diapers backwards unappealing… Good plan though! πŸ˜›

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