guilty conscience

Have you ever had the guilty feeling of knowing that you should be doing something, but yet you just really don’t feel like doing it? (I know this applies to many people in the morning when they should be getting up for work, but just want to sleep in another 10 minutes. 😆 )

Right now, I am suffering my own conscience.

My exam is approximately 30 hours away. And I am only about half done with my study notes. Which pretty much means that I haven’t done any proper revising yet. 😐

Truth be told, I really detest studying for exams. I don’t know if I could attribute it to the excessive amounts of assessment books that my mother had forced me to do as a child, or just point it to my pure laziness in mugging. Whatever it is, I hate studying for exams.

I’d much prefer to just do assignments periodically, or even bigger-scaled projects, but exams?! Ugh. *shudders*

I already foresee myself failing my paper and sitting for the re-test.


4 thoughts on “guilty conscience

  1. Are you planning to work again?

    shell says: Hmm? I am already working from home now. Maybe you missed that post of mine.

    If you’re asking if I plan to leave my son under the care of someone else and then go out to work, I’m quite certain the answer is no. Unless I’m going to get paid A LOT (which then I’ll be doing it for the money). Simple tests of leaving him to go to school once a week has been tough enough for me. :mrgreen:

  2. i so know what you mean.. I did heaps better on courses where coursework counts for more. I hate exams too. My brain gets frozen and refuses to regurgitate whatever its supposed to regurgitate during the exam period. It’s only post-exam when the cogs in the brain decide to work,which by then is too late.

    shell says: But hey, you managed to get your degree. That must have taken some hard work (with plenty of luck thrown in). 😆

    Just like you, usually after exams I can freely quote the text here and there and pepper it into relevant conversations. Which suck. Cos its waaaaay too late by then lah. :mrgreen:

  3. hey shelly. thanks for dropping by. one of my faithful readers. you must still have me on rss eh?

    most posts are by my friend. but i intend to post there from now on. too many places and forums to post, can’t keep track of it all!

    shell says: RSS is the easiest way to keep track of all the blogs I read. Can’t follow up by going to the blogs one by one! :mrgreen:

    I have to thank YOU instead for all the support through these years. You provided me with many insights to life and parenting matters. And your faith and confidence in me as a mother is quite reassuring at times. 🙂

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