Joshua’s 101 sleep stances – Part 2

Joshua’s ability to fall asleep anyhow anywhere seems to be almost like an art form.

While waiting to pass my signed appointment letter to my boss at the taxi-stand near my place, the boy nodded off. In the baby pouch/sling. Again.

I (of course) took the liberty of documenting it when we got back home. But since it was a one-woman show, the pictures were naturally of lower quality. Not easy to support the 8kg baby on one shoulder and take pictures okay?!

This time round, he’s no longer sitting cross-legged in the front of the pouch in the “kangaroo carry” position because his bum-bum got bigger and can’t fit in that way anymore. But nontheless, he managed to fall asleep in the “hip carry” position.


When I stopped holding his head up for him, it just flopped forward. As per Joshua-style. (if you’re worried he would suffocate, you are being paranoid. :mrgreen: )

Then he briefly woke up. Then it’s going…






Here’s one of the top of his stubbly head, just for fun.


Then one more from the top of my left shoulder.


See? He’s got breathing space lah. Don’t paranoid. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “Joshua’s 101 sleep stances – Part 2

  1. Hot mama! I know you’ve heard it a million times but seriously everytime I look at baby Josh’s pictures I can’t help but think, “soooooooooo adorable!!” He’s growing up fast!

    shell says: Actually his rate of growth has slowed down a lot already. He was 7kg 2 months ago, and now he is still only 8kg. 😕 But yesh, HE IS CUTE! :mrgreen:

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