bloody murphy’s law

The first day that my boss is out of town and work emails with strange requests start coming in. It’s bloody Murphy’s Law I tell you.

Situations that have never occurred to me before today popped up like mushrooms after the spring rain. And Boss isn’t even around for me to bug answers from. So I’m caught off guard. With my panties down. 😦

Attempts to reach Boss via his mobile were futile. Since noon until now (1.45am), I’ve been getting the same darned “M1 subscriber is currently not available” automated message. It wasn’t until after the 2947th call that I actually listened to the entire phone message and realised that my number will be sent to Boss via SMS once he is available. 😐

I think Boss might kill me for spamming his phone with missed call SMSes.

On the bright side, I had the sweetest sleep on Sunday night in the past week. It’s amazing how some nocturnal activity *ahem* can make 4 hours of supposed insufficient sleep the BESTEST* ever.



* Disclaimer: There is no such word as “bestest”, but it is the only simple word that can fully describe the utter loveliness of post-orgasm sleep. :mrgreen: This however also sadly declares the fact that I only get laid about once a week. 😦


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