Jay Chou concert, 19th Jan 2008.

Indoor stadium
From our seats.

I didn’t like the way they did his hair up in the first song like some medieval metrosexual. And I can’t say much about his live singing, because it’s really nothing to hoot about.

Nonetheless, I never particularly fancied his vocals, it was always more about his songwriting abilities and his multiple talents with various musical instruments. And he made me want to bow down to him for playing a grand piano, guitar, drums and gu zheng live at the concert. Also, he danced! Break dance, to be exact.

I swooned and let out my first public crazed fan scream after his amazing piano duet with a member of 南拳妈妈. Never in my life would I be able to run my fingers over the keys in such manner, okay?! *kowtows to Jay Chou*

Jay Chou!

Jacky Cheung appeared on the screen shortly to sing a stanza of “听妈妈的话” and his singing voice was superb. It really outshone Jay’s vocal performance by leaps and bounds.

I was a little upset that we didn’t have the cash to get a concert tee, after all it was my first concert and I wanted a momento from it. Posters wouldn’t work cos I’m way over that age of plastering my walls with heavily DI-ed (digital imaged) prints of celebs.

I’ve made Hubs solemnly swear to bring me to any future Jay Chou concerts even though all he does is sit there like an old man accompanying his little girl to her idol’s concert. :mrgreen:

@ Jay Chou's 19th Jan concert
Concert n00bs with shaaaaky hands!


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