query on M’sian cab fares

We will be heading to KL between 8th and 11th February (Joshua’s FIRST trip overseas!), and this time round I want venture out of the “tourist zone” and visit 1 Utama and The Curve.

Please tell me how much cab fare would possibly be, because I don’t want to get blackmailed by cab drivers who refuse to turn on their meters and tell me that there will be a jam and thus they have to charge me DOUBLE or even TRIPLE the metered fare.

Thank you very very much in advance.

While we’re at it, any good shopping recommendations? I’m thinking UK size 12 onwards…

Also, any KL people who want to meet up?? Chenny!!!!!! :mrgreen:


7 thoughts on “query on M’sian cab fares

  1. erm… cab fare from where?

    shell says: From my hotel (Swiss Garden). But I already have my answer liao. Thanks anyway. 🙂

  2. er..yeah…cab fare from where?

    ish, that period i will be going to HK, can’t meet you!

    traffic shouldn’t be massive though, as most people would have ‘balik kampung’ for CNY :p

    shell says: I think somehow we are not fated. Last time I went to KL, you were in Penang. And now, you’re going to HK. 😦

  3. Hi Shelly!

    I just read your blog anonymously. Anyway the rule of thumb when travelling on cabs in KL is to keep quiet and get on the cab. Don’t ask about using the meter or how much, because locals don’t do that. They can tell that you are a tourist straightaway and ‘chop’ you.

    1 Utama is outside KL city. But the fare from KLCC to 1 Utama is about RM15. The Curve is just besides 1 Utama.

    shell says: My Hubs got blur “tourist” face, so always kenna approached by cab-drivers who offer us ridiculous prices for a ride. I don’t mind letting them earn a bit more, but double/triple the cab fare is really too much.

    If it’s around RM15, then ok, I should be able to gauge how much to pay from my hotel. Thanks! 🙂

  4. The last time I went there (2 yrs back), most taxis are meter-run leh so should be no problem. If you happen to hop into one without the meter then just hop out again.

    btw, there is a Juicy Couture boutique there which Singapore doesn’t. =)

    shell says: Peak seasons and past midnight, they ALWAYS turn off their meters. Or lie and say meter spoil. It’s been the common norm since many many years ago when I used to go to KL alone to visit friends.

    No money for Juicy Couture leh… U want to sponsor? :mrgreen:

  5. I always ask the cabby how much he’ll charge me before I get into the cab. They don’t follow meters. A 10 min cab ride could cost you RM6-RM10.

    shell says: But I have no idea how far 1 Utama/The Curve is from where I’m staying, so really cannot gauge. If going to Midvalley, KLCC or what, that one I know when they are trying to pull a fast one.

  6. YOU’RE COMING KL?????!!!! YAY! I GET TO SEE YOUR BABY. 😀 oh and you of course. 😛

    i dunno about cab fares wor, usually take the train or get chauffeured by nice friends around. 😛 train + bus quiet convenient lor actually, cos from kelana jaya lrt station there’s a free shuttle to ikano, which is where 1 utama, the curve, ikea and ikano are all situated. if you dowan to take bus, can take cab from kelana jaya lrt station, shouldn’t be too expensive i think?

    i’m still using my old msia number, but can’t remember if you have it or not. where are you gonna stay?

    shell says: Yes, let’s please meet up. I’ll bring you the Emily Strange T-shirt also. 🙂 Is your number still 601237937XX?

    We’ll be staying @ Swiss Garden Hotel (Jln Pudu area).

    I don’t want to take the trains lah, please. Got baybee leh. Troublesome. Or you gimme a ride! Why you never get driving license?! :mrgreen:

    Please wear a dress when you meet me. Okthxbai. 😆

  7. If you have time, should also visit Midvalley, the Garden is opened. I go almost every weekend but will be back to Kedah for CNY when you come. If not, my baby gal can meet your charming Joshua. Have fun!

    shell says: I’ve been to Midvalley a few times, but I don’t think I’ve been to the Garden. Will google to find out more and maybe pop by to visit.

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