anal plug for the cowboybar

Because Zeus says we must all do up a “plug” for the Cowboy Bar (CBB), so here goes:

  • Don’t join, because the threads are now moving at a ridiculous speed.
  • Don’t join, because ALL threads deviate to SEX, the (further) demeaning of the Village Idiot, and teasing the emo-boys.
  • Don’t join, because almost all CBB members are widely informed, from entertainment to politics to the ways of life.
  • Don’t join, because the GHEY men there will molest your LP and outrage your modesty in various other ways.
  • Don’t join, because all of us in the bar are crazy and the insanity is contagious. Why do you think the annual Halloween parties are namesaked “Virtual Insanity”? It’s INSANITY in the virtual world!
  • Don’t join, because it will ease away the dull routine of daily work life (and office work is SUPPOSED to be boring). Plus, you can literally get paid by YOUR boss while engaging in idle chat with various hamsum/pwetty strangers.
  • Don’t join, because anything and everything goes. Which includes name-calling and “spewing” vulgarities in a hundred different dialects and languages.

So there, that’s the anal plug for ya. I hope you liked it up your arse. :mrgreen:


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