… is the greatest depressant of them all.

I really should have learnt my lesson and not have held any belief to what people say. But I guess I really never learn. Again and again, I set myself up to fall into the same stupid trap of cheap talk and pave my own way into the murky grave of despair.

Special dates only have significance if the parties involved empower the day with corresponding importance. Otherwise, it’s just another typical day in the long dread of common life.

Some people really have no idea how much certain events mean to other people. Not even after screwing it up more than a couple of times. Not even after seeing with their own eyes how much of a negative effect they manage to create with their (literally) bare hands.

We all know talk is cheap. But some people just adamantly practise lip service until they finally manage to make others lose faith in them.

Maybe this is what they call “sacrificing oneself for the good of others”. But to me, all I see is lousy planning and stupid excuses.

Probably just like how some can never learn to stop painting a colorful picture to mislead others, I may never learn to stop believing in the colorful lies I am led to place hope in.



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