reboot necessary

I feel like a headless chicken running around in circles marked by phantom lines.

Hours of scouring the Internet for work-related leads, and somehow I seem to be getting nowhere. I still have no idea if it’s caused by my stupidity or is it just a matter of inexperience. Whatever it is, it does not feel good. Let alone efficient.

My tummy has degraded itself to a constant state of panic and surrenders itself every few hours to crampy aches. As if the butterflies inside are threatening to burst out forth and gain newfound freedom.

My brain (I don’t even want to start on this) has seemingly lost its memory capabilities. It completely slipped my mind that I had to visit the clinic to get my monthly supply of birth control pills. So I’m going to be starting my new course of pills one day late. Ugh. 😕

I need a new brain.

While we’re at it, a new 36-26-38 figure to match the new head doesn’t sound too bad either. :mrgreen:


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