gone wrong

I was going to have some happy post today, announcing Joshua having turn 8 month old today, and how he has started being mobile by doing his own version of crawling.

But things didn’t turn out right.

The red iPod I thought I would be getting as an anniversary gift turned out to be an 80GB classic iPod. And the only thing I felt like doing when I saw it was to throw it against the wall in frustration.

And because he had gotten it engraved, the item can’t be returned or exchanged.

I am not happy. Very very very not happy.

A million logical justifications won’t ease up the frustration/anger/disappointment/sadness. When you get someone a gift that’s supposed to mean something, I thought you were supposed to give them what THEY want, and not what makes sense to YOU.

What’s worse is how the red iPod nano I want is ONLY available from the Apple Online Store and that’s the whole reason why I told him about the 30th Jan offer. You can buy the 80GB iPod from ANYWHERE and by tapping into some resources my Boss has, I can get it much cheaper than from the Apple Store offer.

I don’t know if I am more angry or more upset. I just know I don’t feel good.

I put the iPod back into its packaging, and I really don’t feel like touching it anymore.

Happy 3rd Anniversary my ass. Once again, it has screwed up royally.


3 thoughts on “gone wrong

  1. Cheer up. He has made the effort to buy you gifts. Now that you are working, get yourself something that you truly want. Be happy!

    shell says: The funny thing about me is that once I start earning, I end up spending my money on the baby and Hubs! So I don’t really get much left to splurge on myself. It’s strange but I just can’t seem to stop it.

  2. I am so terribly sorry for the screw up. I really wanted it to be special for you. I hope tonight’s dinner and presents made up for it. I love you and I would never want to make you upset. I love you and would only want the best for you. Thank you for your love and patience through these 3 years. Happy 3rd anniversary my dearest honey baked ham.

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