going away!

It’s 5.29am and we haven’t slept yet. Except for Joshua, that is. He’s snoozing away in his little cot right now as we “speak”.

We’ll be on the bus heading to KL in less than 3 hours’ time. Woohoo!

Despite the many times I’ve said I’ll not go back to KL again (due to countless unpleasant encounters due to personal reasons), I’m going back there again.

Simply because it’s the closest/easiest/cheapest place to visit, and also because I simply cannot resist the many F.O.S outlets all over KL. snigger

This will be Joshua’s first trip overseas, and it will be a good gauge of Joshua’s ability to adapt while we’re on vacation. At least this way, we would not have spent a good thousand dollars (at least) just to find out that he can’t fall asleep in a hotel, or tolerate the traveling, or the other million things that could possibly irritate him.

What makes this trip ultra special, other than the fact that it’s the first time we are traveling with a baby, is that we’ll be going with friends! A really good friend of mine, in fact, and her kids. It’ll be the FIRST time I’ll be going away with friends, and I’m really excited! It’ll be really good to spend time with her while our kids “mingle”. 🙂

See you guys when I’m back on the night of 11th Feb!


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