greetings from Bukit Bintang!

Joshua was surprisingly well-behaved on the bus journey towards KL. He was so quiet that I guess a lot of fellow passengers were in disbelief. Not a single peep! I am a proud mama.

Oh, and Hubs and I went a bit crazy buying tees from F.O.S @ Berjaya Times Square. RM29.90 for authentic (or so I think) Junk Food tees! Ultra cheap cheep. :mrgreen:

On other not-so-good notes, I feel ripped off by Delifrance Bistro at Lot 10. A simple dinner cost us RM80+! Ugh. Plus the service was terrible (our waiter could barely speak a word of English) and our salmon was overdone and quite dry and hard. Uck.

I haven’t taken any photos, because cheena new year decorations completely turn me OFF. And there really isn’t anything that fascinates me/us at all. So there. Maybe we’ll get more “inspired” to photo-document tomorrow when we visit One Utama.

Meanwhile, I am logging off because this internet cafe’s keyboard is oily, the screen is WAY to bright. The fonts are so gigantic I swear the whole world can read what I’m doing. And I have NO privacy at all. (That completely leaves out the idea of surfing porno.) πŸ˜†


P.S. I swear my fingers are contaminated with god-knows-what from the previous users now. UUUUUCK!! πŸ˜•

P.P.S. Anyone who needs/wants anything can call my mobile.


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