we’re back!

The trip was rejuvenating. We slept late and woke late (as usual) and leisurely went about everywhere with no schedules or whatnots.
Joshua was generally well-behaved throughout the trip, including the bus journey, and the parents (aka us) even managed to sneak out for a bit of partying at Jalan P. Ramlee’s clubbing zone. Thanks to Chenny for her late-night info. 🙂

But the trip back… OMG. I really really don’t enjoy waiting for buses that don’t come on schedule at the warm and stuffy Puduraya bus station. Especially not with luggage and a baby to lug around. I swear the next trip I make to KL will be by plane, since now AirAsia flies from SG to KL direct.

Oh, and let’s not forget how Hubs completely scared me out of my wits by going out to buy food and didn’t return after an hour or even gave me any calls/sms because he had conveniently forgot to bring out his mobile. I thought he had been mugged/killed/beaten up/banged by a car/etc. How inconsiderate of him. Yah, I was outrageously pissed off.

The journey back drained me out so much that I am practically half-dead, while Hubs is diligently unpacking (to atone for his inconsiderate/careless behaviour indirectly).

On the bright side, I managed to re-watch Pitch Black on the iPoot (yes, that same wrong one) on the bus.

My grad project is due for submission on 16th Feb. And I haven’t properly started on the essay yet. I am screwed.

Well, Happy Chinese New Year anyway! :mrgreen:


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