a sudden musing

It just hit me that during our 4 day 3 night holiday in KL, I had not prepared a single bottle of milk for Joshua. Neither had I changed anything more than one diaper.

Which pretty much means PapaNash had been doing all the dirty work during our vacation.

And he didn’t even utter a single word of complain.

Except for this one morning when he was feeling lazy and he nicely requested that I change Joshua and pack the baby essentials before waking him up to go out. That happened to be the one and only time I changed Joshua’s diaper in the whole span of four days.


And even though I often saw the sheer frustration on his face whenever he needed to literally lug the pram (with the 10kg Joshua in it and the bottom compartment stuffed full of barang-barang) up and down the stairs and various obstacles that are completely not pram-friendly, he never uttered a word of complain. Or even let out a simple “tsk”.

He just grinned at me and said, “Sometimes I think slinging the boy would be so much easier”.

And sometimes, I think, I shouldn’t complain too much about this hubby who isn’t loaded but is so giving in all other ways that he is able to.

Although I must add: Disappearing on me without a word for one whole hour to tabao from across the road is still NOT acceptable. 如果我有心脏病,早就被你吓死了。

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear. Now don’t you go disappearing on me again without a word. I will literally smack you if you pull this kind of act again. I love you. :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “a sudden musing

  1. Your PapaNash can go and start some Positive Fathering Workshop liao. Teach all the MCPs in Singapore how to be a good and supportive Hubby/Dad. You know, money is nice to have but nothing beats genuine love and emotional support. =)

    shell says: But money is essential for survival leh. 钱不是万能,但没有钱是万万不能! :mrgreen:

  2. Yalah, must have enough to get by lah. Actually hor, a man’s ability cannot be measured by money nia *cough*…Rich but scrooge, might as well dun want.

  3. De-lurking to say you are a very, very lucky girl. First, a phone (that came with free concert tickets!), then an iPod (iPoot, in your words) and now this! Aiyoh, I is very envious 🙂

    shell says: No need to be envious. I’m sure there are other partners who fair better than mine. My Hubs suffers lapses of non-romance and stupidity quite often….. 😆 But he is a good hands-on father lah.

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