some absurd telco promotion

If you thought me getting a pair of Jay Chou concert tickets free with the purchase of the Motorola V9 phone was ridiculous, check this out!


Hubs got a FREE Samsung Home Theater System because he bought the Samsung F500 Ultra Video mobile phone from Starhub. I think that kinda wins my concert tickets anytime!

To make the whole thing sound even more ridiculous, we didn’t even pay a single cent for the phone!

You see, Starhub sent us a $100 voucher to try to psycho us to bond my number down to a 2-year contract. And prior to receiving this voucher, we had traded in our Reward Points for two $50 Starhub Shop Vouchers. And since all three vouchers could be combined and used, we had a total credit of $200.

The Samsung F500 was at a promotional price of $198 with 2-year plan (together with the home theater system). So we did the most natural thing… We paid for the entire package with our vouchers!

How’s that for a ridiculous deal?

On another note, Starhub has finally managed to get my number under a contract. But I had put up a good fight for two years prior to this. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “some absurd telco promotion

  1. I think you should just be thankful and grateful to get all those free stuff instead of complaining…think positively!

    shell says: I don’t recall complaining about it. Just saying how it is quite absurd. I think you should read it again more positively.

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