Joshua’s new milestones

Yes! He can finally crawl!
Well, kinda. He does a funny commando-style belly crawl thing.

Who really cares as long as he is now mobile, right? Yippee!

Notice his slightly evil laughter/giggle while crawling. It happens ALL the time. 😆

Now it’s time to remove EVERYTHING from the floor.

He’s already started wreaking havoc with Cinder’s food and water bowl.

And just a few of hours ago, he “crawled” to the shoe rack, grabbed one of his shoes, yelled for me, and tapped his shoe to his foot. As if to say “Hey Mommy! Put on my shoes for me and let’s go out!”


Click the link below to see more of my Ah Boy’s photos.

Emo Kid @ Delifrance, Lot 10, KL:


RIMG0108 RIMG0107

This boy ate HALF of my pan-seared salmon. He didn’t really like their mashed potatoes though…


Yup. He’s got short legs.

Image005 Image012

The picture of him in the red romper makes him look like he’s got a mohawk.

At my Uncle Henry’s (aka Joshua’s GRAND-Uncle) place:

Joshua & the quilt - RIMG0134 Joshua & the quilt - RIMG0133

Joshua & the quilt - RIMG0132 Joshua & the quilt - RIMG0131

This afternoon, at home. Before I captured the uber cute video.

Joshua & the floor - RIMG0140 Joshua & the floor - RIMG0139

Joshua & the floor - RIMG0136 Joshua & the floor - RIMG0138

Joshua & the floor - RIMG0137

The Sexy Sideways a la “FuRong Jie Jie“. snigger

(Credits to KennySia’s server for the ugly photo.)


4 thoughts on “Joshua’s new milestones

  1. Aww… I love the way he looks when he’s SO close to the camera… “Almost!” -stretch- “Camera!” Heehee.

    SO CUTE!

    -smother Josh in kisses-

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