30 minutes into my birthday…

… and I got my first birthday present from my favourite mama-san (and her papa-san)!! snigger

My first Birthday present!!

I is happy girl. :mrgreen:

I heart heart heart heart YOU!

Now it’s time to go “shopping” at Wicked Weasel!!!!!


P.S. Of course I block out the number lah. If not ppl can use my voucher okay. 😕


6 thoughts on “30 minutes into my birthday…

  1. Sings: “Happy Birthday To Uuuuuuuu, happy birthday to Uuuuuuuu, happy birthday to U.U.U.U.U…….happy birthday to Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……..”

    God bless you on this wonderful and special day of yours! May all your birthdays be filled with many LVs and Tiffany and most of all, LOVE! =))

    shell says: This must be the most materialistic birthday greeting I’ve ever received… But I like! :mrgreen:

  2. happy birthday. pls post picture in said weasel outfit.

    shell says: Oh no. That is not what a mother should do. 😆 It would be too jarring on public eyes anyway, considering the current physical state that I am in.

    If you want to ogle, go to the wickedweasel website and look at their body-beautiful models. :mrgreen:

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