For those in the know, which is not a lot of you at this point, this day marks a brave step forward that should have been taken a long time ago.

No, we’re not making baby number 2. Yet. :mrgreen:

Please pardon the possible crankiness, broodiness and whatever mood swings that both Hubs and I may display. If you love us, support us and cheer us on. It will be greatly appreciated.

It’s been nine years of a bad habit for me. A habit that provided comfort in the strangest way, and kept me warm on cold lonely nights while suffering the elements of life’s mishaps.

A habit that brings up nostalgia (something I am infamous for) and eases the soul. Despite what others say, I stood by my ground and remained headstrong. Now, I’m going to give it up.

To say that I am willing is definitely not an apt description. I have the most unwilling of hearts, but I will psyche myself with the money that will be saved and the good things that will come my way once I have curbed this habit.

It is no longer acceptable to my soft mommy’s heart when Joshua flares up his nostrils and gives me “that face” that says “Mommy, can you put that down and come play with me?”

I can’t do that to him anymore. Not with that chubby face giving me that look.

In the deepest part of me, I am really really elated that Hubs has decided to go on this ardous journey with me. Neither one of us can do it alone, so for it to be absolutely effective, we have to do it together. And so we are embarking on this. Together. It’s a nice comfort actually. At least this time, I’m not fighting the war alone. I have my partner-in-crime with me.

Should the cravings kick in, I think I might just have the best excuse now to have spontaneous sex as a distraction technique. :mrgreen:

Bye bye, my long-time flame.

In a warped way, I will miss the comfort you bring. But this is for the better of everyone. So, good bye.

God, grant me the wisdom not to revert to the old habit, and the strength to overcome the side effects of going cold turkey. Thank you, Lord.


8 thoughts on “3.3.08

  1. Spontaneous Sex sounds good. Better than snacking. Jiayou! Jiayou! If you save $11 (?) a day, you can possibly save enough to buy a small LV every 2-3 months! =D

    shell says: $10.60 per day. Maybe after one whole year of abstinence, can buy Tiffany. 😆

  2. Keep it up! Joshua must be very proud of his mommy.

    shell says: Hope so. At least I won’t see “that look” again for a long long long long time regarding this issue.

  3. *hug hug*

    you can do it shelllllllllll! hut hut hut! and sex has definitely got to be better than smoking, not that i’d know anything about it. 😛


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