the new path

Boss has just shared with me the new job scope he has thought out for me. Marketing.

Despite not having dabbled in this field before, I’m pretty certain I will do better here than at Sales. Selling stuff to people was never really my forte, but selling ideas… Ah. Now we’re talking.

Although come to think of it, I think selling ideas has got a bit more involvement with advertising than it does with marketing. Nowadays, marketing is almost synonymous with advertising. They happen hand in hand, and are almost inseparable. Thus the grey area regarding my actual forte.

Maybe, I’m just a jack of all trades and master of none.

Oh dear. I suddenly feel the urge to buy a pack and puff away.

Spontaneous sex as a distraction technique has utterly failed on Day One. Hubs claims fatigue (what’s new?) and work overload.

And now that I have to stay up to finish up my things, it really gets cold… and lonely… The fingers have a natural urge to creep around the table in search of a pack of tar-sticks, which now aren’t ANYWHERE in the house at all. Tough luck, fingers.

My PlayBoy Hottie Zippo sits quiet on the desk. Waiting…

I swear I will grow fat within 2 weeks of doing this quitting shit. The touted unsavory habit is what that has kept me off mindless munching for all these years.

Unless I can go shopping daily in non-smoking air-conditioned malls for the next month (at least), I will unconsciously start replacing the inhaling/exhaling action with munchmunch/crunchcrunch. (Since the Hubs is more likely than not to REJECT spontaneous sex to divert my cravings.)

What’s worse is that I foresee there will not be enough munchies around the house to satisfy the cravings that will kick with increasing intensity. And I will soon after turn into a whining screaming bitch (double shot than usual), what with the lack of engaging activities as well.

No. This does not seem to be turning out good. And it’s only been ONE day.

P.S. I know I still have not uploaded the photos from my birthday celebration (if you even call it a “celebration”). But really, it wasn’t all that fab. I only got ONE present from Xtralicious/Papa-san. So that pretty much defines how exciting/happening my birthday was.


3 thoughts on “the new path

  1. Bah. I didn’t even have a birthday celebration/bash or whatever you call it. I also have zero presents, apart from the DS Lite ;p

    You got more pressies than me OK!!!!!!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRRRR

  2. Ok lah I got a video camera also. Hmm.

    shell says: So you want to take back your last comment? I can delete for you wor…. šŸ˜†

  3. i didn’t have a birthday present! and had sucky sakae for my birthday dinner. bah.

    ok, better not let tiger see this. *gulps*

    anyway, jiayou on the new path babe! I think you’ll do great as a marketer! šŸ™‚

    shell says: Hiak hiak. So a lot of you as sad as me arh… :mrgreen:

    *hugs* Let the birthday girls with few presents all UNITE and bash up our guys! šŸ˜†

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