Joshua is 9 months old!

Can you see FOUR baby teeth?

Joshua's baby teeth!

Granted, the upper left tooth is still mostly hidden under the gums, but look CLOSELY and you can see it!


The typical “hee hee” face he puts on once he manages to garner ALL your attention (which pretty much means I can’t do jackshit). This boy keeps sprouting teeth by the pairs, which turns him into a manja baby who wants you all to himself. Multi-tasking is out of the question.


I heart his smile in this photo!! Cute cute cute!

For more photos, click to read more!

RIMG0171 RIMG0172
RIMG0173 RIMG0175

Joshua plays in the tunnel that Xtralicious Mamasan gave to us…


Everyday, Joshua has to fiddle with our book-bench and pick one “special” book out to attempt to chew up. It’s also the reason why I have to tear myself away from what I’m doing every 10 minutes to prevent complete destruction of our books.

RIMG0180 RIMG0181

He is learning how to hold on to furniture to help him stand…

baby's booty shot

But unfortunately, he doesn’t pick the right furniture to use. He got stuck lah. Notice how his head is being blocked?

And the funniest thing is how he doesn’t know how to bend his knees and get back down, so he pretty much stays there screaming until I go “save” him. cgp Which also explains why I am mostly occupied these days. πŸ˜•

Nifty fingers!

He shows off his trick of balancing his cap on just one tiny thumb!

trick failing

His trick almost fails cos the cap is slipping off. So thus he commands one more thumb in to salvage the trick!

Mommy's hand is too far... High 5 baby!

He has also recently learnt how to “high five”.

Unsuccessful Mommy got tortured

This is how my glasses get abused every single day.


Yeah. The baby wins every single day as well. *MamaShell kneels on floor and begs for mercy*


5 thoughts on “Joshua is 9 months old!

  1. He is charming, sure attracts a lot of attention when he is out. And his hair style is very ‘trendy’. Haha, did u do anything to it before the photo shoot? See my baby gal at, my husband’s blog.

    shell says: No leh. That’s his everyday hair. Nothing much to style also. πŸ˜†

  2. OMG. Josh + 4 baby teeth = cuteness overload!

    & you’re right. Leaving him there a second longer to snap a picture is pure evilness. But he looks so funny!

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