MamaShell’s birthday surprise

Remember MamaShell had a surprise planned on her birthday that she knew nothing about?

Guess what it was…


Still no idea?

Does this picture help?


Still have no clue?

The view from where I had my birthday dinner…



What we ate…

Soup... The Main Course Dessert & my birthday cake!

If you give up, then I’ll tell ya now. We had my birthday dinner in a cable car. Yup.

Strictly not for those who suffer from motion sickness. I was feeling a bit queasy halfway through main course already. I had never been more glad to get off the ride! :mrgreen:

Honestly, I would have preferred if the courses could have been served a bit closer together. We were given a good 30 minutes to “enjoy” our soup and that was seriously a bit too long. SO by the time we finally got back to basecamp and they served our main course, we promptly asked them to serve it together with the dessert and coffee. Because seriously, we don’t take that long to eat (and I really just wanted to finish up the food and get off the rocking cable car).

Then Hubs asked for the “special order” to be served as well. My birthday cake! With only one candle because I am “Number One”. snigger

So that’s it. That was my 25th birthday surprise. 🙂


3 thoughts on “MamaShell’s birthday surprise

  1. Heh heh heh….I had that for my last birthday too! =P It was quite an experience tho’ I think I may stay off cable acrs of all kinds for the next 2 yrs or so………

    You looked so happy! If i let u see my pictures, u can see my face green-green 1………lol……

    shell says: I still looked “normal” because those pictures were taken when we JUST got into the cable car mah! 😆

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