Communicating with a baby who can’t speak yet

I know there is a fair amount of moms reading my blog, and I want to ask a simple question to all the parents (both moms and dads):

Do you sometimes wish you could understand your baby who can’t speak yet?

Or to those moms/dads whose kids are now capable of speech now:

Did you wish you understood your kids more when he/she was a baby?

And to those pregnant moms/dad-to-be’s who are reading this:

Do you wish to be able to understand your child’s needs and what he/she is trying to “tell” you?


Some people find it uncanny how I “translate” what Joshua wants to say to other people. Some may even initially find me a bit crazy to hear me talking to Joshua as if he is responding to each sentence I speak to him.

But what if I told you that I know almost exactly what he is trying to “say”?

Would you believe me?

No, not because he is capable of doing some simple baby handsigns. There’s something much simpler. Body language, facial expressions combined with his seemingly meaningless baby sounds.

Do you believe that a baby can “talk”?


Give me some input on this. I’d like to hear some opinions and views. 🙂


One thought on “Communicating with a baby who can’t speak yet

  1. My daughter is 7 months old. i guess i can understand her when she means she is tired/sleepy or hungry. but some other time i just don’t get what she really wants. I’m trying the baby sign thing but have not seen any results yet. Yes of course i would love to be able to understand her now before she learns to speak. you have any tips?

    shell says: Yes! Which is why I’m asking first. Cos I’m not sure how many parents out there already know how to communicate with their babies. I’m adding you on MSN (if you use it) and we can speak further there! 🙂

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