superficial creamings

I took a long shower+scrub, washed my hair, pumiced my feet. Then I basically creamed myself from top to toe.

Face cream, eye cream, breast cream, anti-cellulite+firming roll-on gel on my thighs, upper arms and tummy, then cocoa butter to “feed” the rest of my body that’s not creamed. I even lotioned my *ahem* (with a special *ahem* cream of course) for prevention of ingrown hairs and for softer skin “down there”.

Oh, and the hair (on my head) gets its own wonderfully creamy leave-in hair conditioner as well.

And now, despite being the exact same weight/shape/size that I was pre-shower+creaming, I feel like a million bucks more attractive.

It’s all in the mind. And I’ve got one that’s pretty darn focused on superficial physical attributes. I think it’s undeniable that I am a superficial being.

But then come tomorrow, I’ll be randomly smothered in baby spittle again.

Circulus vitiosus indeed.


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