friggin efficient

I cannot recall the last time I had successfully a whole handful of house chores by lunch time. Without having to wake up at dawn, or worse, having not slept the night before.

Let me give myself a virtual pat on the back by recounting all the tasks that have been completed by 1.30pm:

9.40am – Woken up by the sound of Hubs emptying the trash.
9.45am – Bugged him for a cuddle in bed. :mrgreen:
10.00am – Lazed in bed (ahh aircon comfort) whilst running my mind through a thousand business-related thoughts
11.00am – Picked Joshua up from bed. Spent some time with him on my lap as we watched cartoons.
11.30am – Started preparing Joshua’s lunch of alphabet pasta with mixed veg and chopped up crabsticks. MagiClean the floor while waiting for pasta to boil.
11.45am – Gave him a few bits of mixed veg (corn, cubed carrots, peas) to self-feed. Failed attempt as most of the food ended up on the floor. I guess the pincer grasp reflex is not very stable yet.
12noon – Lunch time! Yum yum.
12.15pm – Treat of iced water to wash down the lunch. We’re cheapo, no juices until he hits 1 yr old at least.
12.30pm – Diaper change, followed by nap time.
12.40pm – Mopped living room and kitchen floor.
1.00pm – Washed his toys in slightly Dettol-ed warm water.
1.15pm – Started doing one load of laundry in the machine.
1.30pm – Break time! (Which is now lah.)

Quite shiok leh, to complete quite a fair bit by lunchtime. The only problem is, my lunch how?!


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