morning musings

DVD marathon til bloody 6am. Joshua was blissfully zzz-ing in LalaLand already.

Apocalypto was much much better than we expected it to be. Not that we expected it to be lousy by any standards. Comes highly recommended by us if you haven’t watched it yet.

The Wig, on the other hand, was much less creepy than I thought it would be from the scream-worthy trailers I saw a long time ago. It dragged on like no one’s business and was really a bit too slow for our liking.
Conversation exchanged during breakfast at the hawker centre:
Hubs (while flipping the papers): You want the recruitment section? If not I’m just going to dump it once I’m done.
Me: What would I want it for? You want me to work meh?
Hubs: No.
Me: Then?
Hubs: Ok lor. I throw.

Redundant conversation that I found quite amusing. :mrgreen:

Although I must say, I really liked it when he nibbled on my ear as we waited in the queue at Mac for a GIANT Coke. I’m a sucker for affection lah. Like a begging puppy, you know? 😆


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