Joshua’s new skills

On 14th March, I walked into his room and found him in this position…


Someone is enjoying his new-found skill. See that happy cheeky smile!


He fell in love with this Dora The Explorer plush toy we “met” at Suntec Toys’R’Us…


He kisses and hugs Dora everyday and Dora is now his favourite bedtime buddy.


See more photos after the jump.

Cinders offers to nap with Joshua on a rainy day.


Then this Joshua had to constantly irritate Cinders by poking her gently in the tummy… Check out Cinders’ pissed off face!


In the end, she couldn’t tolerate it anymore and seeked to escape the crib.


And check out the victorious face on Joshua! 😆 It’s as if he’s pleased with successfully irritating the poor kitty.


Joshua “swimming” with Kai at Auntie Fitti’s pool. Float and flowery gayish swimming tee courtesy of Auntie Fitti. :mrgreen:


The boys posing for Fitti’s camera instead of mine. Just because her camera is BIGGER and more professional looking lor! 😕

Joshua explores “new” territories!


And gets caught red-handed.


That’s a bit of an “oops” face going on there.

And for the final conclusion, my chao turtle father and my chao ah boy.



13 thoughts on “Joshua’s new skills

  1. he is so cute!! And it’s time to lower the base of the cot.

    shell says: It was already lowered the same night the pics were taken. These pics I took were from the first moment I caught him standing up!

  2. cute baby! and kitty… sorry to b abit of the cold water…but do take care and be careful..I was about that age, and goin this kinda stunts when I climbed out of my baby cot and bump into the corner of a cupboard, ending up with an 11-stitch wound on eyebrow… and another of my fren have a scar across her eyebrow due to a similar…take care!

    shell says: We can’t possibly watch him 24/7 especially during nights when we have to sleep too. We can only take precautionary measures and hope for the best. :mrgreen: But thanks for the warning!

  3. *cough* Kai is 5 and loves babies & animals (hint: good hubby material) heh heh heh………..

    Joshua is super cute and gungho too….he got over the icy cold water in minutes and was rather annoyed when he had to get out of the pool. Kai couldn’t stop gushing about his new brudder. =D

  4. hmm..for the sharp corners… try those..soft rubber that blocks the edge of the corner.. I m using them now..yep..useful..and cheap and good~ saved my head alot of times too…yah,til now I m still banging my head on sharp corners here and there..

  5. OMG more josh to EAT!!!! muahahhahaha, can really SEE the 11.5kg (or issit more now?!) on him.

    shell says: Now at least 12kg liao.

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