Cinders is missing.


I must have been stupid or something, but I didn’t realise the girl was missing even though I’ve been up since 8am.

Somehow I just never noticed.

Maybe it’s because she’s usually napping in some corner during the day, and doesn’t really emerge from her cosy corner until dusk rolls round.

And now that the sun is starting to set, and she’s still not out, then something felt amiss.

I shook her food jar, and I didn’t hear the tinkling that would usually start sounding shortly after. We called out to her, and we didn’t hear any mewing in response. Neither did she appear anywhere.


My brother happened to be here for a visit, so we went downstairs to see if there was any cat corpse lying lifeless on the cement pavement. But nothing.

My mother-in-law called to say that she’ll be bringing round dinner soon, and I just broke down. She said we treated her well, and let’s just see if she would come home in a couple of days.

But it’s not possible, cos she didn’t (and couldn’t) have gone out the gate with the plastic we’re boarded up the gate with.

The only way she could possibly have gone out, would be out the windows at the back. Which means a long way down to a painful death on level 1 from our 10th storey home.

The last time anyone saw her was early last night, when Nash took her out from the bedroom because I was already in bed. Since then, no one has seen her around.

I know she wouldn’t have gone running out, because she ever got lost before when she ran away from home and she got so scared, she never dared to venture further than our neighbour’s home 3 doors down. She likes the auntie who lives there, and the feeling is mutual. Other than that, she never goes anywhere else.

Baby Girl, pleaseeeeeeeeee come back safe and sound.

You’ve only been here since October 2006. It’s not been long enough yet.

My worst fears have come true.

No more cutesy kitty behaviour in this house from hereforth. 😦

P.S. Don’t be insensitive pricks and ask where she’s gone to, or how she went missing. There’s a difference between “ran away”, “missing” and “dead”. She’s MISSING. If we knew how or where she’d gone to, we would have found her already.


12 thoughts on “Cinders is missing.

  1. tt sounds so my mewmew,except that my only way out is 12 storeys down… but hey, apparently he had sneaked out via the door silently ad we’ve found him back after 1 day of him out there. Try searching at night under cars, trees,drains..I found my kitty scared and injured (knocked down by car with 3 broken legs), hiding under a van… but recovered since fortunately..

    Hope cinders come back soon~

  2. Oh no….. I hope you find her soon! I remembered that 2 episodes of missing Latte 😦

    shell says: But at least you guys saw her run out the door. I’m not even sure she went out the door or fell out the window.

  3. Really hope you find cinders soon. My silly white cat was once MIA for 1 week.

    shell says: Joshua is not reacting well to the disappearance of Cinders. And this is what worries me more than anything. His eyes have been shifty as if he’s looking for something. And when asked by the provision shop auntie and my MIL, “δ½ ηš„ηŒ«ηŒ«δΈθ§δΊ†ε•ŠοΌŸ”, he pouts badly and his eyes start getting wet.

    And he has woken up sobbing 3 times since he went to bed. Which is not the norm at all. 😦

  4. Hi shelly,

    I sincerely hope and pray you will find your kitty soon. Many years ago my cat went missing too and because of her I know every single wooded area and longkang in changi. As it always turns out, she was found 2 houses away from mine a few days later. so don’t give up yet! And as cheesy as it sounds, sign up with every single Spore-based pet forum you can find. Take care.

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  6. believe it or not, my mum actually went to ask a fortune teller that time when my mewmew went missing, and the god ‘said’ that mewmew will b back in 2days. With renewed hope, we went searching for him and yes, we did find him.. πŸ˜›

    since no find dead cat means din fall thru window. (jus like my case). so still got hope. when cinders calm down, she will try to find her way home…

  7. Sorry to hear about Cinders being missing babe, hope she comes home soon.

    I know you won’t want to hear this but did you guys ask the neighbourhood cleaners if they saw anything?

    (I’m only asking this because two days ago, my friend’s cat went missing – couldn’t find her and only after talking to the neighbourhood cleaner did she find out that her cat had fallen to her death )

    You might want to start putting up posters around the void deck as well if she doesn’t turn up in the next day or two.

    shell says: We had intended to check with the cleaners, but we woke up late and missed them. Gonna try again in the morn. Although we did go to the void deck and checked for blood puddles/stains. None found.

    Hubs had just gone round the neighbourhood putting up posters with Cinders’ photo and info. Hopefully someone will call with some news.

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