Joshua Joshie Josh Josh


Baby in a business suit! He wore this to visit his Granduncle Henry at Y&R and everyone was asking if he’s aspiring to grow up to be a suit! 😆


This photo tickles me. He looks as though he is trying to seduce someone with those smoldering eyes and pout. Notice how big his belly is now!!


Baby and Daddy bums.

More pics below!





I love love how cheeky he looks here.


His hand looks like it’s an alien handsign for “hello”. So awkwardly placed with a face so blur to match… :mrgreen:


King Boss! Caught in the act. The facial expression… damn funny!!


Entertaining the baby while waiting for our food to be served.


Joshua the happy cruising baby.

Watch out for videos coming up soon!! I’m still contemplating if I want to use YouTube or Flickr Video…


2 thoughts on “Joshua Joshie Josh Josh

  1. cute!!! ayeeee.. my baby brother (when he was a baby) was not that chubby.. he was soooo thin.. and very white some more. But now he’s quite chubby (big tummy!!) with dark skin! I wonder what happened…

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