shopping update

I am probably going to be swearing off shopping in the malls for quite some time.

It irks me to find out that even after including overseas shipping, I can get the same friggin item at least 20% cheaper. 😕 Like that how to have the heart to pay more just to buy it from the shops here?! Even during supposed shit-cheap sales, I will still pay less buying them from online than offline. And some of the items available online aren’t even stocked locally. 😦

So I started on an online spree frenzy – La Senza chemises at a cheaper than never price compared to the stores here, Old Navy Baby rompers for Joshie boy (his birthday suit!), clothes from Urban Outfitters, erm… more clothes from Old Navy for me. 😆 I really need to cut down all this senseless buying. So thus…

I am on a one month shopping ban.

But it’s only limited to clothes shopping, because I *ahem* have way too much clothes accordingly to those who have visited my wardrobe.

So that means I still can buy bags, shoes and other fancy trinkets. And buy I did.

I went to the ridiculous $10-for-a-pair-of-shoes Nué and Dashing Diva Warehouse Sale and came home with 3 pairs of shoes, 3 bottles of nail polish and 1 nail buffer for a total price of $40! One pair sold off to Pamela because size 40 was just a tad too big for me, but this is the pair she took off with:

10 freakin dollars!!! And I swear my feet shrunk cos my former size 40 don’t seem to fit me as well as size 38 now…

I also went to the MAAD market at the Red Dot Museum and got myself some eco-friendly buys:


– Blastic Bag (Large size @ $12), from HomeSpun‘s booth

– Folder from XSProject ($25)

And guess what? The Blastic Bag is reversible!!


Mine is orange on one side, and cream on the other.

Blastic Bags come in 2 sizes (sorry, no dimensions) and are all reversible. Colours vary as they are recycled and made from NDP banners! How cool and eco-friendly is that? Check out the various Blastic Bags from someone’s blog.

Personally, I think this beats other reusable shopping bags HANDS DOWN. If you’re using reusable shopping/grocery bags because you want to save the Earth, you should get a bag made from RECYCLED materials too. So you’re not just helping out in one way, but TWO!

I’ve already taken my Blastic Bag for a test-drive to NTUC last weekend, and it stood up to my hefty groceries (approx 3.5kg worth of frozen foods) really really well. The thick straps distributed the weight evenly and didn’t dig into my shoulders at all. Anyone interested in getting some Blastic Bags? I may be able to get bulk discounts (even though at $12 it really is quite cheap already). 🙂

Oh yeah. Pink “chickenpox” chemise from at only $12 (or something cos I can’t remember).

I pretty much live to shop. And yes, I’ve been pretty busy doing it while taking care of the very actively “cruising” boy. I live a meaningless (but relatively happy) existence. :mrgreen: How sweet!


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