ugh ugh ugh

Nowadays I’m not as motivated to penned down all the shit and stuff that happens on a daily basis. Let’s just say I’ve lost my blogging mojo.

All I wanna say now is… I so wanna get those darned La Senza chemises!! Farking THREE FOR CAD$39! I have a dozen designs (and I am not exaggerating the number) that I wanna buy. But I am on this clothes shopping ban. Ugh!

And this other spree I joined was cancelled due to “poor response” because I was the only bugger who was interested in the bag. So now I can’t have the stupid bag lah!! πŸ˜•

Sibei dulan.

The only saving grace is that Hubs approved my purchase of a cute lil’ jumper thingy from Victoria’s Secret (US$9.99 only!). I even put in an alternate item of the same price in case the jumper thingy is unfortunately out of stock by the time the spree organiser places the order. *keeps fingers crossed*

Recently my spree experience keeps fucking up. Items keep going out of stock or the spree organiser forgot to order, or worse, my Old Navy cardigan came with a slight defect. Pfffffffffft.

Super uber dulan.

And because we have no Old Navy stores here, I have to bring the item down to the local GAP store to get an exchange/refund, which is virtually impossible because GAP won’t have the same cardigan lah!

I is angry girl wanting more La Senza chemises. 😑

And 2 of my black bras DIED on me. So now I need to buy replacements. When is the local La Senza stores going on saleeeeeeee?!?!? *whines*

Oh my life is so meaningless. I am only shopping, shopping and shopping. Hahahahaha. πŸ˜†

My dad’s gonna nag me again when he reads this. θ€ηˆΈοΌζˆ‘θ¦δΉ°η‘θ‘£!! *goes into KPKB mode*

Oh shopping ban, shopping ban. Won’t you be over soon? Only 2 more weeks to go!

Okay, this is a damn random post. So typically bimbotic me. :mrgreen: *twirls hair*


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